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This page is for blogging social sites that support social network site features. Examples include LiveJournal, Xanga, and Vox.





  • ?: Xanga launched as a book and music review sharing site









  • 5 November: Xanga began supporting blogging
  • 30 November: Xanga introduced email subscriptions
  • 8 December: Xanga started supporting comments and eprops





  • 17 January: Xanga introduced web-based reader subscriptions so you could read your friends and display your subscriptions on your blog
  • 18 January: Xanga started supporting comment tracking
  • 6 March: Xanga introduced blog rings
  • 1 May: Xanga offered photo uploading services
  • 2 September: LiveJournal introduces invite codes





  • 15 July: Xanga discontinued anonymous subscriptions (and thus, subscriptions were all visible on your blog)
  • 19 Sept: AOL launches AIM Journals (src)
  • 2 December: LiveJournal ends invite codes





  • 1 February: Xanga relaunched profiles to support lots of info
  • 1 April: LiveJournal changed "friend" and "friend of" to "stalking" and "stalked by" for April Fool's
  • 27 July: Xanga started supporting multiple profile pics





  • 5 January: Six Apart buys LiveJournal
  • 30 August: Xanga gave premium members 1Gig of photo storage
  • 9 September: Xanga introduced batch photo upload
  • 28 September: Xanga started supporting moblogging





  • 6 April: Xanga introduced a photoblogging tool
  • 6 April: Xanga started supporting all social network site features
  • 6 June: Xanga added links to profiles at the top of each Xanga for navigation purposes
  • 9 August: Xanga unveiled video blogging
  • 29 September: Xanga launched audio blogging




  • When was Blogger launched? 2001?

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